Friday, August 15, 2014

Logona Cosmetics - Part 2: Skincare

       Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Yesterday, I talked to you about Logona Cosmetics and we talked about their makeup. If you didn't have a chance to read that review go here, if you are interested in knowing more about their makeup. If you have already read about who Logona Cosmetics company is, feel free to skip on down to the review part of this review. This is just an opportunity for those who may have missed it. Now, onto the skin care! 

Who is Logona Cosmetics?

"In 1975, a group of inspired and like-minded friends opened a shop, Lorien Goods, in Hanover, Germany. Their shop featured the few products available at the time that fit the values of the new, green movement. To expand their shop’s selection and to wholesale to other stores, the group began to import products from outside of Germany. In 1977, they decided it was time to begin manufacturing their own body care products and LOGONA was born.
LOGONA’S commitment to manufacturing and packaging body care products in an ecologically responsible manner resonated with their customers and the product line steadily expanded over the years. Today, LOGONA offers more than 200 natural personal care and cosmetic products.
In 1990, the company (now called Logocos) added a new line of natural care products, Sante, to appeal to a younger consumer."
I found their whole background very interesting. I hope to try their Sante products one day, but today we will keep our focus on Logocos products. However, if you wish to check out either line you can go to their official sites here: or
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The Products/My Thoughts

What I think is really cool about their skin care products is they provide you with a chart, so that you can figure out which skincare products are best suited for you. You can find it by clicking on any of the products, and it will be in their info. I have also provided the link since its too big for me to post the full size, and you can view it here.

Now onto the products...

Day Cream Bio Rose - "LOGONA Organic Rose Day Cream delivers the deep, lasting hydration your dry skin needs every day. The mild composition of botanical oils and extracts, derived from organic cultivation, stimulates healthy skin functions to help maintain your skin’s supple, silky texture. Contains oils of organic almond, jojoba and wild rose, as well as shea butter and the extracts of damascus rose and goji berry." I absolutely love the smell of this day cream, I love anything with roses for that matter. It's a day cream, but I have found even using it at night truly helps to hydrate your skin, because it sits all night. I have really dry skin and this product has helped a lot! Like all their products, I also like that its a certified Natural Cosmetic. 
Price: $26

Eye Gel Bio Rose & Aloe - "Skin firming oil-free hydration. LOGONA Organic Rose & Aloe Eye Gel tightens and firms dry and sensitive skin around the eyes. The oil free formulation of this delightfully light gel includes extracts from organic aloe vera, damascus rose, eyebright, and goji berry. It delivers stimulating hydration and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles." I'm not positive its from the eye gel, but I've noticed when I wake up in the morning my eyes aren't as puffy as they usually are. Since this is the only gel I am using right now my best guess is it has to do with this eye gel. I like how immediately when you put it on it dries fast and you can feel it tightening the skin. Great for someone on the go like myself. I will report back in coming months, because I feel to truly come to a conclusion about it I will have to use it longer. So far I like this little tube of joy. 
Price: $28

Age Protection Eye Cream - "Age Protection Eye Gel with organic sea buckthorn berry extract and hyaluronic acid reduces the appearance of fine lines and small, dry wrinkles, intensively nourishing the skin around the eyes." This was one of the products that I didn't choose, when asked what I wanted to review, but I am so glad it was included.This is one eye cream that I can say truly works! I noticed in a short amount of time that my skin remained tighter and smoother. I have very sensitive skin and just like the other Logona skin care products, this did not bother my skin. 
Price: $32

Overall Product Score: 4.3*

This concludes Part 2 of the two part Logona Cosmetics review. Once again I have discovered a company that not many know about, but a company that I think everyone should know about. It's the whole reason I became a blogger, so that no matter if the product is $1 or $1000 you get complete honesty. If you haven't checked out Logona Cosmetics, and you are in need of some new skincare products, I urge you to give them a try. 

If you have tried them before, have you tried any of their other products? If so which ones? I would love to hear your feedback on Logona Cosmetics. So feel free to leave your questions/comments below! Until next time, remember to STAY BEAUTIFUL BY STAYING YOU! XOXO.

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*overall rating is based on a 5 point scale based off of product, pricing, texture, application, and longevity.


  1. What a great review. I am sure they both smelled really good too. I have never tried this before. It would be something I would like to look into.

    1. Thanks for reading! Yeah, if your looking for some new products to try I would recommend these. :)