Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Inside Smarts - Premium Delicates Laundry Bags

Good Evening! Today, I want to talk with you about a new product/brand. InsideSmarts just came to the market with their first product with their Premium Delicates Laundry Bags. I have never heard of such a thing until now, but it had me very intrigued and wanting to try them out.

Who is InsideSmarts?

According to their site...

InsideSmarts priority is to provide customers with smart solutions for their home.  Currently, InsideSmarts offers the #1 Selling Premium Wash Bags in the United States. Unlike most wash bags on the market, InsideSmarts' Design Team was able to develope a superior product that is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

To learn more about InsideSmarts visit their site by going here:

My favorite thing I learned about the company is that if you are not 100% satisfied with the product, they will give you your money back. I wish every company would offer this deal. It says a lot about their belief in the product working!

The Product

Smart Benefits:

  • Protects delicates
  • Extends life of lingerie & clothing
  • Keep socks paired in the laundry
  • Dark colors safely & easily separated
Smart Features:
  • 4 Luxury Wash Bags (2 medium, 2 large)
  • Premium smart-mesh ensures best protections & perfect wash
  • Tough, reinforced construction
  • Durable, rust-proof zipper
  • Elastic zipper guard for safe, quiet washing
  • Includes 4th black Wash Bag for darker colors
  • "Forever-Smart" Year long Construction Guarantee
My Thoughts

When I first opened the package, the first thing I noticed was the size of the bags. They hold a lot of room, and if I wanted I could fit a full load in the big bag. 

There are 4 different bags I received...

2 - Mediums (white)

1 - Large (white)

1 - Large (black)

I like the fact that there are two different colors, giving you the option to bleach if you want. The first thing I washed was some bras, a silk tanktop, and 2 pairs of lace panties. You can either wash them alone, or wash your clothes with other laundry which I think is very convenient. I was crunched on time, so I decided to wash them together.

My intimates not only smelled wonderful (meaning it absorbed the detergent well), but none of them were ruined! In fact, they looked better after, than before I put them in. If I were to put the bra's or tank top in without the bag, by the end of it, it would of been wrapped around something or worse - torn. 

I was really impressed with how much you can fit in these and how well they work. I would definitely recommend these for people who have delicates or even for people that are just tired of losing socks! ha-ha.

To purchase or view this product you go here to do so: BUY InsideSmarts Laundry Bags. They currently run $15.95 with Prime eligible free shipping.

What do you think about the Premium Delicates Laundry Bags? Is this something that you need in your home? Have you ever used anything like it? I love hearing your questions/comments, so feel free to leave them below!!!


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Monday, January 26, 2015

Azura Box - January 2015 (1st Box!)

(click to enlarge)

I am super excited! Why you ask? My very and THE very first Azura Box just arrived! Remember me telling you awhile back about it? Well, if not I am about to give you all the details. Let's get into it shall we?

What is Azura Box?

Are you classic femme, a glam girl, or hip, edgy, and daring? Each box is customized to your exact style. My style was confident. Find out which category you fit in RIGHT NOW by taking the style profile quick here: Take the Style Profile Quiz

Each month you will get 2-3 contemporary pieces of designer jewelry (or accessories) AND a beauty sample just for you! Only $19.99 a month with free shipping, and you can cancel anytime.

To learn more about Azura Box or to sign up go here:

Inside My Box...

I really love the black box with the pink bow! I love how they are wrapped up like a present, it made it feel personal and I really appreciated that. The only thing I wish that it had was maybe an info or introduction card, so that I could know more about the products. However, that is just a personal touch that I like having. 

The first item I noticed was outside of the black box. Each month you receive a beauty item with your box. 

This month I received Fresh. Soy Face Cleanser. I have never tried this product or the brand before, so this is a huge plus. I also like that it is for all skin types and gently cleanses the face and eyes. It is valued at $15, which is almost the price of the box and we haven't even got to the jewelry yet!

First Look...

When I first opened the box, I immediately noticed the jewelry was gold-toned which was something I specifically remember asking for in my profile. You can choose to get gold, silver, or gold & silver toned jewelry. So far, so good!

I love these leaf earrings. This is not something I would usually pick out, but I like that because they are so me! It's hard to see in the picture, but the quality of jewelry is really well made. The earrings aren't so light I feel they are gonna break, but have enough weight to them without being heavy. 

The last item I received was this layered necklace to go with the earrings. If it had been one layer, I don't think I would have liked it. This layered look though makes it look absolutely stunning! 

I love that these pieces will go with any outfit day or night. They are very versatile. You can also adjust the length on the necklace if you want it to be longer or shorter, making this a piece in which everyone can wear!

What do you think about the first Azura Box? I would love to hear any questions/comments you have below, your feedback is always welcomed!

Until next time Stay Beautiful by Staying YOU!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Purex PowerShot + GIVEAWAY (2 WINNERS!)

Greetings! I am excited to talk to you about a brand new detergent from Purex! The Purex Powershot is the new adversary of detergent's in 2015, and I totally see it conquering them all.

I am super stoked about this one, because I have FINALLY found a detergent on the go just like myself. The Purex PowerShot makes your laundry routine easy by taking out any guessing you have to do when wondering how much detergent to use.

It's that simple! Just open the lid, turn the bottle upside down and it gives you the perfect amount of detergent each time. You use 1 flip for regular loads or 2 flips for large or extra dirty loads. Each bottle does a whopping 45 loads!

It comes in two wonderful fragrances such as Natural Elements Linen & Lilies and as seen below in Mountain Breeze.

So is it really that easy? To put it to the test I had my 7 year old niece who hasn't ever done a load of laundry in her life put it to the test. She needed the stool to reach the washer, but even she could get the task at hand done. 

I figured if it were that easy for her then maybe my husband could do it as well! Well... a girl can have her hopes can't she? My point is anyone can do it with ease, and your clothes come out smelling AH-mazing! Not only is it easier than ever, but the smell is better than ever too.

The Purex PowerShot will be in your local retailer come this February! Be sure to pick it up and let me know what your thoughts on the Purex PowerShot are! 


If you're lucky enough you may just be able to win your very own bottle. That's right, I am giving away 2 coupons away for a free bottle of the Purex Powershot. Not only will the winner's get a coupon for a free bottle, but the 2 winners will get 2 more high dollar coupons for $1.50 off each additional bottle to sweeten the deal even a little more!

The giveaway begins 1/24/2015 and ends 2/9/2014 at 12:00:00 EST. Please US Only. Only 2 sets of entries per IP address/2 people per home. 

Good Luck!

MatchaDNA - Handheld Wireless Milk Frother [AMAZING AMAZON DEAL!]

Hello's Saturday! What better day than to cozy up with a nice hot frothy cup of cocoa. I found this new amazing cheaply priced Milk Frother from MatchaDNA, and just had to share with you about it.

Who Is MatchaDNA?

MatchaDNA is known for their Matcha Green Tea, but make several other items as well. I have never tried their tea, but look forward to giving it a try one day.

From their site....

"The mission of Matcha DNA is very clear; to give its drinkers a sense of wellbeing, healthful living, and longevity. Money doesn’t grow on trees and it is important to know that when you are paying for something, that you are getting the most benefits possible from it. Matcha DNA delivers, inspires, delights, and allows you to experience the ancient tradition of tea..."

To learn more about MatchaDNA or learn about their products you can go to their official site by going here:

The Product/My Thoughts

  • Handheld, Battery Operated Milk Frother
  • Creates delicate foam for homemade lattes, cappucinos, hot chocolates, and more! Stainless steel shaft and whip
  • Stainless steel shaft and whip. ABS Plastic Body
  • Easy to Operate and Clean. o Operate the mixer - Insert frother whisk in a glass of hot or cold milk filled to 1/4 - Hold the frother at a slight angle - Turn on and move up and down - Turn off and enjoy a rich and smooth foam. To clean, use in warm soapy water and rinse.
  • Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included) - 100% Satisfaction & 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

To purchase this product you can do so by purchasing it through Amazon located here: BUY MatchaDNA Milk Frother for ONLY $1.25 + $4.99 shipping. That's an amazing price!

I have never owned a milk frother until now, so I never really understood the point of it. However, after trying this one out - I can understand why they make them now. The first thing I will say is this frother had amazing power behind it. To use only 2AA batteries, I was really impressed. Compared to not using the frother is like night and day. The flavor is smoother, lighter, and tastier. I tried frothing coffee, milk, and hot chocolate so far. The MatchaDNA Milk Frother did each one of these tasks with great ease! Of course, I know they make whisks and mixers, but find the frother wonderful at mixing liquids too. I use it to mix the hot chocolate in the milk, and then I don't have to use multiple utensils. It's easy to clean (I just use water) and for the price, it is a steal and a must have for any kitchen.

Do you own a Milk Frother? What do you think about the one from MatchaDNA? I love hearing any questions/comments you may have, so feel free to leave them below!!!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ipsy - January 2015

(click to enlarge)

Greetings! I hope everyone is having a super duper day! I just received my Ipsy bag for the month of January, and I am psyched to share with you what I got. This month's theme was "Fresh Start."

If you don't know what Ipsy is, it's a beauty subscription bag designed just for you, (by taking the beauty quiz) that cost $10 a month. The $10 also includes shipping. Beauty Guru Michelle Phan curates the bags, and you generally receive 5 items. 

If you wish to sign up you can sign up through my personal referral link here: Ipsy Sign Up

Each month you receive a bag with your Ipsy items in them. The bag this month was blue on one side, and then white on the other. Inside it opened to reveal a nice bright orange color.

Let's see what I got in my bag this month...

Nourish Organic Renewing Eye CreamNourish Organic Renewing Eye Cream provides rich hydration to the delicate skin around the eyes. This powerful product will leave your eyes looking brighter, smoother and younger looking. 

Key Ingredients: 
     • Avocado Oil - Restores and protects skin, while helping retain clarity and brightness. 
     • Moroccan Argan Oil - Packed with restorative omega fatty acids to intensely hydrate and replenish.
     • Shea Butter - Deeply moisturizes and softens skin.

I am a big fan of Nourish Organic products. I also found this eye cream to be great as well. It goes on like lotion, but absorbs quickly. It is Avocado and Argan, but I can't smell any sort of scent. I went to try and find it on their site, but it seems the item isn't out yet? While it stinks that I can't find the price, it is nice to have an item not released and hope Ipsy will do that a lot more.

BellaPierre Shimmer Powder in "Exite" - Using 100% pure Mineral powder, these beautiful shimmer powders will provide long lasting, vibrant color without any additional filler that can often smear, crease, fade and even cause allergic reaction. Recommended by make-up artists and dermatologists, BelláPierre shimmer powders are 100% Hypoallergenic and are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. 

When I first received this, I thought it was white eyeshadow (which for me isn't practical). Then, I realized it was shimmer powder which you can use pretty much anywhere. I even sometimes mix them in my nail polish for extra sparkle. 

Price: $14.99 (Full size!)

(Malin+Goetz) Mojito Lip Balm - (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm is as soothing to the lips as it is to the senses. Flavored with (MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito, this lip balm is scientifically blended to restore and replenish. This hydrating lip gel easily integrates for daily maintenance, prevention and treatment of dry, irritated lips. Color and paraben free. 

This was my first time trying this company, and so far I really like the formula. It does a great job at soothing and moisturizing the lips. I look forward to possibly trying out other products by them.

Price: $12.00 (Full Size!)

Pacifica  Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow - An incredibly innovative formula that pushes natural makeup and mineral color to new bounds. Rich, lasting, creaseless eye shadows are infused with coconut water for a velvety, cream-like finish. 

Formulated without: Phthalates, parabens, carmine, beeswax, lanolin, mineral oils, propylene glycol, petroleum and FD& C colors (along with other nasties you do not want on your skin). No animal testing. Gluten-free, 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

I've always heard such great thing's about Pacifica, but honestly wasn't impressed when I first tried their eye shadows. They just had no pigment, and I felt I had to pile it on to get any use out of it. I gave it another try today, and they must have changed their formula because it is so much better! I couldn't find the exact price on this, because I see on their site they only sell it in a palette.

PRICE: $3? 

Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow BrushDon’t miss a spot with this ridiculously soft shadow brush. This brush with its 100% synthetic bristles is the perfect multitasker. Use it to highlight your brow bone and place the right amount of color for perfect and even application! Your lids will thank you later! 

I adore Elizabeth Mott's line, thanks to Ipsy I have everyone of her products now. This brush is a great eyeshadow brush, and I hope that she will make more brushes in the future. Also, who doesn't love a pink brush? ;)

Price: $9.99 (Full Size!)


Bonus item's are items you get for redeeming points that you earn from reviewing the products, sharing, and referring on Ipsy.

(500 points)

NYX Butter Lip Balm in Red Velvet"Dip your lips in a sheer wash of color with NYX Butter Lip Balm. One swipe leaves dry lips feeling supple and hydrated. This Buttery Lip Balm is addictively soft and scrumptious and perfect for adding a subtle hint of color for a naturally flirtatious pout. Apply directly to bare lips or apply it over lip liner for more intense color."

I loved the one I received in "Lady Fingers" so much, that I just had to try out "Red Velvet." It has such a creamy and smooth formula.

Price: $4.00 (Full Size!)

A great way to start the year! What do you think about this month's Ipsy "Start Fresh?" What variation did you receive? I love hearing your questions/comments, so feel free to leave them below.


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Monday, January 19, 2015

Ozeri - Green Earth Pan 12"

Hello Everyone! I hope your day has been full of laughter and smiles so far. Today, I want to talk to you about another wonderful product from Ozeri. If you weren't here for the last review I did by them, then let me catch you up by telling you that they make really well-made and quality products. They make a little bit of everything, and my last review was on a Tower Fan. However, today we will be talking about the 12" Green Earth Pan.

Who is Ozeri?

From their site:

"Ozeri is a specialty manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for the modern home. Ozeri began as a supplier to the destination club market. This market spans vacation residences in the destination club industry, fractional residences, timeshares, and condo hotel apartments.

Ozeri products are found in vacation residences that span the globe, from majestic European estates, luxurious desert spa resorts, and private tropical resorts. Ozeri products are of a pedigree for ultra-luxury markets we serve, where five-star residences are matched with the finest kitchen, bath, entertainment, and personal amenities. We incorporate award-winning designs, innovative materials, and durable construction for long product satisfaction.

Ozeri is also an emerging brand in the consumer marketplace. Ozeri products are made available to the consumer through an efficient business model. Unlike competitive brands, with Ozeri products the final price borne by the consumer is not burdened by advertising, marketing and other traditional costs that support brand equity. The Ozeri brand is instead built on the relationships formed by touch-points that countless guests have with our products at vacation residences around the world."

I really like that they brought the top luxury products to the mainstream everyday consumer. You still get that luxury product without the luxury price, making each product from Ozeri completely affordable.

To learn more about Ozeri or their products you can check out their official site by going here:

The Product/My Thoughts

(click to enlarge)

  • Unlike other ceramic pans, the Ozeri Green Earth Pan utilizes GREBLON - an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany which is 100% PTFE and PFOA free.
  • Innovative textured pan surface delivers enhanced heat distribution and superior non-stick performance without ever releasing harmful fumes or toxins.
  • Features a scratch-resistant 100 percent ceramic coating that is super easy to clean.
  • Made out of durable heavy-gauge die-cast aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals.
  • Boasts a comfortable heat-resistant silicon coated handle, and a magnetized induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer.

(click to enlarge)

The first thing I noticed when I received the Ozeri 12" Pan was the Ozeri Pan Protector. I have never had a pan protector. Now that I do, I am starting to wonder if I should of got them for my other pans. I think it's a wonderful idea, and love how it protects the surface from other pans. Not only that, but it works and does just that.

The next thing to did after looking at the contents of the pan was to test it out. It recommended that for the first time you season (lightly coat) your pan with a tiny amount of oil. This is what I am guessing is to protect the pan. It also says non stick sprays are NOT recommended as they may contain additives and tend to release too much oil. 

Back to what I was saying. So, I coated the pan lightly with oil and then thought to myself - What is the one thing that drives me nuts that sticks all the time in my old pans? EGGS!

I tried cooking scrambled eggs as well as a sunny side up egg (which actually just turned into a regular fried egg since I broke the yoke). I was really impressed! Not one time did it stick, and my food actually looked as good as it tasted. 

My favorite part was the clean-up. It was such a breeze to do! I could have literally shook the crumbs off the pan, and wiped it off with a paper towel. For the first time, I actually have a non-stick pan that is really non-stick! I would highly recommend this pan if you are in search of good solid non-stick pan.

To purchase the Ozeri - 12" Green Earth Pan you can get it right now on Amazon for $30 by going here: BUY Ozeri 12" Pan. They also have an 8 inch and 12 inch available for purchase as well.

What do you think of the Ozeri - 12" Green Earth Pan? Have you ever purchased something from Ozeri? How does your pan compare to this one? I love hearing your questions and/or comments, so feel free to leave them below! 


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