Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Petunia Skincare - Revitalize Eye Serum

Hello Everyone! Today, I want to talk with you about a new product I recently tried from Petunia Skincare. Their Revitalize Eye Serum is one of their hot products right now, and why wouldn't it be? The older we get the more concerned we are with aging. I've been on the hunt for the perfect creams and gels for not only myself, but hopefully for one as y'all as well. What makes this eye cream so different from all the rest?

Why Choose Petunia Skincare?

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Petunia Skincare prides itself for having the best skin care ingredients in their products and backs that information up by real life testing and scientific research. All of their products are produced in small amounts so that each product is fresh and also packaged (an FDA certified facility I might add) under clean and tight conditions.

 My favorite part about this company; they are made right here in the US! The brand resides in Goleta, California and are a fairly new company which started this past November. They stand out by saying (and I agree) that they are not just "any other generic skincare brand," they actually take the time to create and experiment with products that are proven to prevent aging, protect healthy skin, and avert damage in the future from happening to the skin.

The Product/My Thoughts

From their site...
"Introducing Petunia Skincare Revitalize Eye Serum, a revolutionary eye serum that addresses:
★ Tired Eyes – Revitalizes and awakens the appearance of feeling of tired eyes
★ Dark Circles, Swollen and Puffy Eyes – Reduces dark circles, puffiness and the feeling of swollen eyes
★ Wrinkles and Fine Lines – Plumps the delicate skin around the areas of the eyes and helps diminish and fill in wrinkles and fine lines
★ Best Moisturizer and Anti-Ager – Sea Kelp acts as an excellent oil-free moisturizer. Hyaluronic Acid is world renowned for its capacity to retain moisture in the skin thus leaving the skin plumped and youthful."
Click to enlarge - Close up of the Gel

Having tried many eye creams in the past, I have seen it all. I wasn't sure what to expect with the Revitalize Eye Serum. However, the first time I put it on I significantly noticed my skin around my eyes had that more awake look, and the complexion looked better. I am a big fan of eye serum's that have caffeine in it like this one. It is a great serum to use in the morning to give you that, "I've been awake for more than 10 minutes I SWEAR look." For those who don't know what I mean, is it takes care of the puffiness, while giving you more of an awake look. 

It does a really good job at not only making you appear more awake, but also absorbs fast. I was impressed at how little you have to use, and how quickly it dried. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling either like some gels, nor does it have a smell. It simply sticks to the task, which is fixing the problem areas. 

While I have had a complete improvement with it taking care of puffiness and my complexion almost instantly, I haven't noticed much with it doing anything for my fine lines. I've been using it for about a week and a half now, so I am hoping with time I will have even better results. While I don't feel like it's the best product for aging lines thus far, I do however feel it is an amazing product for dark circles as well as putting moisture into the skin and definitely worth giving a try. 

Results will be updated once I complete 4 weeks, here are my results so far after a week and a half:

Overall Product Score: 4.0*

If you would like to purchase this product, it is available on Amazon for $26.77. You can do so by going here which will take you straight to the product. You can also go to http://www.petuniaskincare.com/ to take a look at their other products. 

What do you think about their eye serum? Have you tried Petunia Skincare before? Feel free to leave any questions or comments in regard to Petunia Skincare, I love hearing your feedback! And as always: Remember to stay beautiful by STAYING YOU!

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*overall rating is based on a 5 point scale based off of product, pricing, texture, application, and longevity.


  1. I wake up with droopy eyes when I wake up. I need something to give me that I'm awake look. This be great for me. Thanks for sharing

  2. So you have to swear that you've been awake longer than 10 minutes, too, huh Amy? Sounds kinda, sorta familiar...lol! I love that the serum is made in a certified facility. Hopefully, over time it'll help with the wrinkles too -- although your skin is glowing and I don't see any fine or not so fine lines. Thanks for the review/pics!!

    Mag B

    1. Lol! Glad you can relate. It's hard to pick up on camera since I just use a basic phone camera, but trust me the lines are there. They aren't so much in the picture above. My fine lines are on the sides of my eyes, I guess the proper word is crows feet. I am also starting to get them in my forehead, but we won't go there...lol. Thanks for reading and commenting, they are always appreciate d.

  3. I love the presentation of the bottles. Looks nice the texture. The diference in your eyes AMAZING.