Monday, November 17, 2014

Skin Ritual - Unrefined Organic Shea Butter

Greetings! Today, I want to talk to you about a wonderful new product, I recently had the chance to try from Skin Ritual. I have tried a lot of Shea Butter's in the past, but nothing to the degree and quality that Skin Ritual makes it. So, let's get started - shall we?

About The Product

From their website...

"Our all-natural unrefined Shea butter is nature's solution to skin problems. Obtained from the exotic Shea nut from West Africa, this butter is organically certified to the strictest standards of the Oregon Tilth (the world's most respected standard for organic quality). Filtered through a warm melting process removing any impurities, while maintaining all essential vitamins and healing benefits.

Use it for health, beauty, anti-aging, during pregnancy, on newborns - you name it! The "endless" list of skin problems that can be helped by our unrefined Shea butter is too long to include here. Let's just say if you have a skin condition, chances are organic Shea butter will help.

You can even use this unrefined Shea butter to protect against sun damage and prevent wrinkles as well as many other aging symptoms."

This organic Shea butter also works well for:
• Reducing fine lines and wrinkles
• Reactivating collagen synthesis
• Increasing skin elasticity and tone
• Eliminating a dull, grayish complexion
• Smoothing rough spots, including your heels!

I love that their product treat's all sorts of things from fine lines to even smoothing out rough spots. I also can appreciate the fact that it is certified by Oregon Tilth. I like knowing that the product I am using is not only good for my skin, but safe for my skin as well!

My Thoughts

When, I first received this item in the mail and took it out the box, the first thing I noticed was the packaging. The container it is in is a very well made container, and I thought the label's looked very professional. 

I have used unrefined Shea Butter's in the past, so I was expecting it to be sort of hard. However, Skin Ritual's Shea Butter was nothing like that. It was very creamy and soft. The first place I tried it out was my arms. The Shea Butter rubbed in very nicely and absorbed into my skin unlike other's I have tried. I was really impressed by this. Not only that, but it gave my skin a nice glow. Shea butter usually has such a greasy feel to it in my opinion. However, once I rubbed it in, it didn't feel that way at all.

I have been using it for awhile now, and I notice my skin is not only glowing, but so much softer! If you have tried all sort's of lotions and moisturizers for dry skin, then you have to try this product. I guarantee it will make your skin softer, because it certainly did mine. Another bonus, is that it doesn't clog your pores so you can pretty much use it anywhere!

(click to enlarge)

I took a picture of my skin after, I had been using it for a few days. I was starting to get really hard knuckles. but as you see here my skin is really soft. 

Skin Ritual's Shea Butter is priced at $19.95. Now, this may seem like a lot for just some body butter. However, you get a LOT of product. It is 16 fl oz container, and for me just one small spoon full covered my whole body! If you wish to purchase this product you can buy it through Amazon right now by going here: Buy Skin Ritual Shea Butter.

Overall Product Score: 4.0*

I want to know! What do you think about Skin Ritual Unrefined Organic Shea Butter? Have you ever tried Shea Butter before? If not why haven't you? I love hearing your questions and comments below. So, feel free to leave them below. 

Until next time... 

*overall rating is based on a 5 point scale based off of product, pricing, texture, application, and longevity.

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  1. And I never used this type of product. It can be mixed with other products to make a scrub? After applying rinsed? The smell is pleasant?

    1. It was new to me as well up until a few month's ago. But yes it can be mixed with other products such as a scrub and shea butter has the same smell as a shea butter lotion. It's unique of it's own, and has a very light scent. Hard to describe, but I like it because it's not over powering. Here is a recipe I've actually used with this...

      Homemade Whipped Shea (or Cocoa) Butter Body Scrub
      1/2 Cup Raw Shea Butter
      1/3 Cup Carrier Oil (Sweet Almond, apricot Kernel, Avocado, Hemp Seed, Hazelnut, Camellia, Evening Primrose, Borage, or Olive Oil infused with Calendula or Chamomile are all good choices) (I use Safflower Oil)
      1/8 tsp. Rosemary Extract or Vitamin E Oil (optional but will help to prolong the life of the oils) (I do add Vitamin E)
      1 tsp. Corn Starch (optional…makes the butter feel less greasy) (I substitute Arrowroot for the Cornstarch, which is good for corn allergies).
      Essential or Fragrance oil (optional) (I use Pure Essential Oils: Lavender, Grapefruit, Peppermint and Rosemary are my favorites, just not all mixed together).
      1/2 – 1 Cup Sugar (other choices include Salt, Finely Ground Nuts, Coffee Grounds…anything that provides a gentle scrub) (I use 1 full cup of either salt or sugar. Salt can be a little harsh though on freshly shaved legs, so be careful!)
      -Place the Shea butter in a mixing bowl and begin to beat with a stand mixer or electric hand mixer until the butter is creamy.
      -Have patience…it may take awhile for the friction of the beaters to soften the butter.
      -If the butter is too hard, soften slightly in the microwave for about 15 seconds but do not melt.
      -Gradually add the carrier oil a small amount at a time and blend completely between additions. This is important or you will get lumpy butter.
      If you are adding Rosemary Extract or Vitamin E oil add it now.
      =Blend in the cornstarch and then the fragrance or essential oil.
      -Slowly start to mix in the sugar a little at a time until you achieve the desired consistancy.
      -Spoon into a couple of wide mouth jars.

    2. Also, to answer your other question. I don't rinse it off, I have found the longer it stays on the skin the better. A lot of Shea Butter's I have used in the past have been greasy, and I have wiped off with a rag say the next morning. However, that's why I like this one you don't have to that with this one, because it's not greasy at all.