Saturday, June 7, 2014

Novex - Deep Hair Care Keratin Treatment

Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are having a stupendous Saturday. Recently, I have really been into deep conditioning treatments. There are so many out there, and I have been on the hunt for the perfect one for my hair. So when I got the opportunity to try out the Novex Deep Hair Care Keratin Treatment, I jumped on it!

If you aren't familiar with the company, Novex is the haircare line, and Embelleze runs it. They have been around since March 8th, 1969! Their products are #1 sellers in Brazil, and recently have become a huge hit here in the US. If you wish to learn more about the company, feel free to go here to find out more!

Company Description:
"Replenishes essential hair proteins. Novex guarantees amazing results for the health and beauty of your hair. Novex Brazilian Keratin is an deep hair care cream, for enhanced treatment to restore shine and smoothness for all hair types. This product is enriched with Vitamin E. Keratin is a substance that reinforces the structure of the hair, increasing shine and leaving hair healthy, manageable and soft to the touch. The Brazilian Keratin is a hydrolyzed, which guarantees fast absorption by the hair filaments. Nourish and renew your hair with Novex Brazilian Keratin."

Usually, when I use deep hair care treatments I just throw it in after shampooing my hair and wash it out after a few minutes not thinking much more about it. But when I received the sample product it came with a really nice detailed card with the "professional" way to put it in your hair. By separating my hair into 4 parts and putting it on with a brush. One useful thing it pointed out was avoiding touching the root, because the scalp has natural oils already in it. I think with these little tips it helps the product to work that much better. 

I truly believe that this product makes my hair feel better than coming back from the salon (if only I could style it as fancy…). It's shiner, healthier, and smooth! The price ranges from $13-$15 online and in beauty supply stores such as Sally’s, Navarro Discount Pharmacy, and Sedano's. Using this once a week will still save you a TON of CASH if you’re used to getting treatments frequently at the salon. It claims to last for 46 applications but if you have thinner hair, you’ll be able to stretch it even farther.

Check it out and also find a retailer near you on Embelleze USA’s website.

Overall Product Score:  4.8*

What do you think of Novex Keratin Treatment's? And have you tried any other products by them? I love hearing your comments and/or questions so feel free to leave them below!

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*overall rating is based on a 5 point scale based off of product, pricing, texture, application, and longevity.

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