Friday, May 16, 2014

Testing It Out - Beauty Box 5 May Edition

Hello Everyone! I hope all of you are enjoying the start to your weekend. Today I want to share with you a new beauty box I came across that I was given the opportunity to try. Beauty Box 5 is a monthly subscription box that includes 5 products each month (hence the name) for a $12 charge. I think it is a wonderful box for people beginning to get into beauty products or wanting to get into the beauty box subscription world.

If you decide you like what I received in my box and wish to sign up for beauty box 5 you can do so HERE.

Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Cooling Face Mask - "Cleanse pores and strengthen your skin's natural barriers with this mud-infused fabric mask. After washing your face, apply the mask and give yourself 10-15 minutes of serious relaxation!" I really enjoyed this mask. I have tried I think just about all the facial masks that Montagne Jeunesse has to offer, and this is defiantly one of my favorites. What I like the most about it is that the mask itself folds out into a paper mask, so its very easy clean up after you get done using it. I also loved the way it made my skin feel after using it.

Just Being Sexy Body Bronzer - "Looking for the perfect sunless tan? Look no further! This ultra-hydrating bronzer has a beautiful pearl-esque finish that works on all skin types and leaves your body looking toned and smooth!" This was the one product in the box I did not care for. The big reason I didn't like this product is because someone as light-skinned as me cannot pull this off. It was way to dark and I end up having to wash it off immediately after putting it on. About the only fake tanning product I will use anymore is Tan Towel. If you are of a dark skin tone this product may work for you it just was not my thing. The other little thing I didn't like about this product is the fact that it was in a foil packet. They give you a lot of product in one packet but it dries out if you don't figure out a way to seal it.

BH Cosmetics California Collection Eyeshadow Palette - "Ideal for your favorite clutch, this little palette is all you need for touch-ups or creating a soft, romantic eye on the fly. BB5 Tip: Upgrade a demure gold and copper look with a pop of moody purple for a little mystery." This was my favorite product in the box, but sadly I already had it. I ended up giving this to my mother-in-law, whom I sure will get good use out of it. This is a wonderful Palette and you can create some really pretty looks with it. The colors are bold and while primer is always recommended, you don't have to use it with these colors. I hope that one day I can get the other two palettes to put in my collection.

La Fresh Travel Lite Facial Cleansing Wipes - "Packed with aloe vera, cucumber, chamomile, marshmallow and tea plant botanical extracts these, hydrating, oil-free facial cleansing wipes work with all skin types." I have used these in the past, and I love them. You truly can never have enough make up remover wipes. So these were very much welcomed into my household.

Avenno Positively Nourshing Calming Body Wash - "Treat yourself to a luxurious and calming clean! This creamy lavender-scented body wash will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth, while soothing your senses." I was really impressed with the way this body wash felt and smelled. Believe it or not, I haven't used many Avenno products in the past. Not because I didn't want to just because I've never really seen them in stores. So next time I am at the store I will keep my eye open for Aveeno. I would love to try their other products, because this one was wonderful.

I think this is a truly awesome box, and I see that you tend to get your money's worth. I however won't be signing up just because frankly I think my husband would kill me if I signed up to another subscription box...haha.  But maybe one day Beauty Box 5 will allow me to review another box in the future, and I will change my mind. 

So, what do you think of Beauty Box 5? Do you think it would be something you would be interested in signing up for? If you subscribe, what did you receive in your box? I love to hear your question and/or comments so leave them below! And remember STAY BEAUTIFUL by STAYING YOU! :-D


  1. I loved the California Palette this month! Amazing.

    1. I agree, glad you liked it, hoping I can find the other ones. :)