Monday, September 9, 2013

Makeover Essential Cosmetics - Palette "Beauty To Go"

Recently, I was given a palette from one of my friends, because she knows lately I have been obsessed with finding the next best thing (or worse), and so I thought being this was a company/product I had never heard of it would be perfect for my next review.

  I was looking up the price on the palette I received, and was shocked to see they sell it for $49.99 on their official website, when I know she payed no where near this. She bought it from a door-to-door sells man from their company though, so maybe they make their own prices? Here is what I received:

"When you need your quick color fix on the go… Pick up Beauty To Go for gorgeous color for the eyes and lips.  Twelve beautiful, rich shades that make your eyes something to envy and six luscious lip colors. Easy glamour to-go. All you need in one, combination of face powder, blush, eyes and lip colors."

Overall for the price, I expected this "Beauty To Go" palette to be awesome. I mean I knew it wouldn't be as great as MAC or anything. Now don't get me wrong this palette isn't all bad, but it isn't all that great either. Let's start with the negative's about this palette, and work our way to the things worth keeping this palette.

The eye shadow's were the worse thing in the palette, I was disappointed with all of the color's but two of them. They were not pigmented at all! Even when I used primer, and tried going over my eyes with the colors multiple times it just did not look good. The only colors I could half way do something with was the dark green which I will wear, and the brown which frankly, well, has just never been a color that I have been crazy about on my eyes. As far as the yellow's and the beautiful blue which is what caught my eye to begin with they just weren't working for me.

I continued on to the lip glosses which I must say went on very smoothly, and gave me a very nice shimmery, and subtle look to my lips. Out of all the things in this palette, I will use these the most. I had no problem applying them, and it didn't have a sticky feel to it like a lot of lip glosses do now days, which I enjoyed.

Lastly, we have what I would call a bronzer (too dark for a blush for me), a salmon colored blush, and medium to light colored face powder. Out of the three I won't get much use out of the bronzer nor the face powder, because I feel it is too dark for me, but someone of a darker pigment it would look wonderful on. The blush on the other hand looks great with my skin tone, and this is literally what saved this palette. Even though it is sheer, its kind of ironic because I enjoy that you can use a lot of it, and it won't make you Unlike the shadow's which are so sheer, and pigmented that I can't use them.

All in all, I am sure they have some wonderful products because the lip glosses were beautiful, as well as the blush, but if I had the chance at buying this palette sadly I wouldn't pay anymore than $5 because I feel what I can use is worth that.

Have you ever tried Me Makeover Essiential Cosmetics? What items have you tried? If so do you think I am being harsh, or do you agree with my review? Let me know below in the comment section, I would love your feedback.

Overall Rating: 3*

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*overall rating is based on a 5 point scale based off of pigmentation, product, texture, application, and longevity

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