Thursday, June 11, 2015

Swaag Box Review

Hello Everyone! Today, we are going to talk about not only a great subscription service, but a NECESSARY service. Swaag Box also known as the "Time of the Month" Box not only makes that time of the month easier but spoils you as well. . 

What Is Swaag Box? How do I sign up?

"Each period cycle we send you necessary supplies as well as jewelry and makeup. Choose from name brand tampons and pads, tell us your skin type and fashion type and we will customize your jewelry and makeup to your wants.

Each month our personal shoppers find the best jewelry pieces and name brand makeup to match your needs, those items along with your tampons or pads of choice are then expertly packaged and shipped via USPS to your front door.

We also offer options to add to your box. Choose Venus razor blade refill cartridges and/or double the jewelry and makeup each month." (for an extra $6)

The cost of each box is $16 a month for a normal subscription. If you want to double the jewelry and makeup or add on any extras keep in mind that the price will vary up from there. The double makeup and jewelry is an extra $6, and if you add razors I believe it's an extra $12 for a 4-pack.

If you wish to sign up for Swaag Box go here:

My Box Contents/My Thoughts

First Look -  When I opened the box the first thing that really caught my eye was not only the tampons but the packaging. It's like each one was a present just waiting for me to open!

I choose to get my usual brand of Tampax Pearl in an 18 count.

They have many brands you can choose from which include Tampax, Always, Kotex, and Playtex. You can choose pads, tampons, or even none (if you wish to just get jewelry and makeup). I love that this is an option it would be almost like getting an Ipsy bag with added jewelry, which I think is a really great deal as well. 

Value: $4.97

The first jewelry item I received was a "Live In The Moment" bracelet. At first I was disappointed because 80 percent of the bracelets out there don't fit me (I have a freakishly small wrist). However, I LOVE this! It is not only a powerful statement and made in the US (major brownie points for that!), but the bracelet is adjustable. This made it fit really well, and I also like that it reminds me a lot of Alex and Ani bangle bracelets (which is basically all I wear).

Value: $9.95

The next item I received was if not my favorite item in the box. Roses have always been sort of a trademark for me (that and elephants), so I really appreciated the necklace. I think the only thing that could of made it even better is if it was gold-toned.

Value: $19.95? (my guess off of similar necklaces)

The next item in my box was a makeup/tool item. I've actually been meaning to get a new one of these to help get rid of any clumps when applying mascara. Even though it wasn't a "thrill" item; it was a much needed item.

Value: $2.99? 

The last part of my box were makeup items. I absolutely adore the boxes that they came in. It really promotes positivity. 

In the first box...

I've had this eyeliner in the past, and while I am not crazy about gel liner's this is the best one on the market in my opinion. I think part of the reason it's so wonderful (aside from the formula) is the built in brush. This was the perfect makeup item for me!

Value - $21 (FULL SIZE!)

I've tried this in the past. I believe it was from an Ipsy bag or Birchbox. It actually works quite well, especially if you have dry hair like mine.

Value: $3? 

(I am guessing on this since it's a sample size, and I don't see it labeled how much is in it. The full size of this is $29.95).

I only found one person selling this shadow and it was on Amazon. I looked and looked but couldn't find out anything else about the company. This is a shame, because I'd love to buy more. This color is like a gold/green really shimmery kind of color. It's unlike any other shadows I have.

Value: $9.95? (guess from a similar shadow being sold)

In the second box...

I am already a huge fan of this brand, and you can't go wrong with a pink lip/cheek color. This was a win-win in my book.

Value: $19.99 (FULL SIZE!)

You can get a choice of light or medium in this concealer. I always choose the lightest color because of my skin-tone. I really appreciate that Swaag Box got this right, and listened to my needs. Not to mention this is my first time trying it, and so far I am really liking it.

Value: $30 (FULL SIZE!)

This was a sample but what I did use made my skin super soft. I would love to try the full size product. I also really appreciate that they included an item from Paris.

Value: $3? ($27.59 for the full size on Amazon)

  I received an estimated value of around $125! That's amazing and I have to say Swaag Box is defiantly winning me over for subscribing in the future. I even got to try some new products. What do you think about Swaag Box
Don't forget if you wish to sign up or learn more go here: 
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  1. What a great box to look forward when that time of the month comes. Instead of looking for something bad to come during the month, you can expect something even better to enjoy. I love it... Thanks for sharing this fun and exciting box.

    1. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I have reviewed/receive similar boxes but this one is my favorite by far.

  2. Omg all that's items for cheap price. I want a subscription.

    1. It's currently on sale right now for $8. Such a good deal even at regular price.