Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ipsy - May 2015

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Hello Everyone! 

I hope everyone is having an AMAZING day! That being said, I just received my Ipsy bag for the month of May, and I am excited to share with you what I received. This month's theme was "Jetsetter." While I don't think everyone is a "Jetsetter," I think most can relate when it comes to being the girl on the go. I am most definitely a girl on the go, so I was intrigued with what would be in my bag. 

If you don't know what Ipsy is, it's a beauty subscription bag designed just for you, (by taking the beauty quiz) that cost $10 a month. The $10 also includes shipping. Beauty Guru Michelle Phan curates the bags, and you generally receive 5 items. 

If you wish to sign up you can sign up through my personal referral link here: Ipsy Sign Up

Every month you receive a bag with your Ipsy items in them. This month the bag design was from "Breakups to Makeup" - go here to see more of their products. There were three different designs/sayings you could have received; "VIP: Very Important Products," "Contents: Pretty Important Stuff," and this one seen above. Out of the three this was my favorite so it was a win in my book. I thought it was different than our usual monthly bag, outside of the box, and I love it!

Now let's see what I got inside my Glam Bag this month...

"Get primed and ready for action. Urban Decay's long-lasting, waterproof liner glides on smoothly to prime AND define—for long-lasting lip color and clean lines. Smooch. Pout. Smack. Nibble. Lick. 24/7 stays put through everything (yes, EVERYTHING) you do. When you use this liner to fill in your lips completely, it primes them for lipstick or gloss, grabbing on to color to help it last.

Next, finish the bad girl beautiful look with a sample of Urban Decay's brand new Revolution High-Color Lipgloss—insanely intense color with high shine. The high-coverage, ultra-pigmented formula lays down all the color you crave in one coat.

This lippie is also laced with Hilurlip™, which defines and hydrates lips while making them look plumper and fuller."

I love that the lip pencil is universal and you can pair it with any color. Not to mention it actually works too! It lasted me the whole work day which was really impressive. I also received a sample of "Failbait" and "Bittersweet" lip color. "Failbait" was a pretty pink/mauve color and "Bittersweet" was a purple color. I loved both of the samples and they lasted a really long time almost as long as that of a lip tar. Not to mention it was my first time trying a purple lip color, and I have to say I love it!

Price: $20 for 1.2g (received a little more than a half size 0.8g; value around $11.00)

"The fine tip on this sleek European-designed mechanical pencil has a creamy consistency that glides into place and can also be lightly smudged for a more natural look. Perfect for any color brow, especially blondes and greys."

I have heard many complain that this pencil flakes, but for me personally it has worked great. So much so that I plan on ordering one of the Auburn pencils as I want to be able to match it with my hair color at the moment. I appreciate the fact that they cater to all hair color shades.

Price: $18 (I believe this is full size!? Please let me know if it's not.)

"Let the power of nature protect and nourish the sensitive skin on your face with this lightly tinted 100% natural, chemical-free active SPF 30 face sunscreen. It’s lightweight, non-whitening, non-greasy, and lightly tinted application is perfect to use with or without makeup.

Wear it with confidence knowing that you are applying the latest in sunscreen technology: broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, 40 minutes water resistant, no chemical actives, no synthetic fragrances, no parabens - no worries!"
While this isn't the most exciting product to receive, it is however the most practical. I was a little disappointed in the size of the sample, but I am really impressed with the formula. I wore this in the pool to test it out, and it worked very well. 
Price: $14.99 (received .34oz which is a fifth of the full size, value $3?)

"This Luxie Rose Gold Tapered Blending Eye Brush is a 100% Animal Cruelty Free brush with high quality synthetic hair bristles that are soft to the touch. With its Vegan makeup qualities from bristles to the ferrule this Rose Gold brush is a must have in your makeup collection.

Coated with a revolutionary antibacterial solution for minimal brush cleansing, your brush remains fresh and clean for longer periods of time.

The density of the brush allows for an even application without any wasted product and does not absorb the product into the bristles."

One thing I will say Ipsy does well at is picking out tools. This Blending Eye Brush works really well, better than some of my really expensive brushes so that's saying a lot. This brush will definitely get used a lot, and I can't wait to bring out my creativity with it.

Price: $12 (Full Size!)

"This Face Cleansing & Make-Up Removing Gel with Honey is a gentle, soap-free gel that removes make-up, cleanses and soothes the skin with honey and sunflower. For dry and sensitive skin.

Use in the morning and/or evening on damp skin avoiding the eyes. Lather and rinse with clean water.

Paraben-free. 94% of ingredients are from natural origin."

I love the way this smells like fresh honey. Having somewhat sensitive skin I was nervous I wouldn't be able to use it despite what it said in the description, but it didn't bother my skin at all. It also did a good job at cleansing my skin. My only question is what does it mean by 94% of the ingredients are from natural origin? The other 6% is un-natural? ha-ha.

Price: $19 (6.7 FL OZ for full size; received .50 FL OZ, Value $1-2?)

This month we received a value of around $45! Not only did I get to try some new products, but got a great deal since I only paid $10. What do you think about this month's Ipsy "Jetsetter?" What variation did you receive? I love hearing your questions/comments, so feel free to leave them below.



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