Friday, April 10, 2015

Dial - Miracle Oil Hand Soap + GIVEAWAY

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far! Recently, we talked about Dial's Miracle Oil Body Wash. Come to find out, they also have a wonderful version of handsoap as well! Introducing the Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap Infused with Marula Oil. 

Just like the body wash, to really understand the great benefits that Dial's Miracle Oil hand soap has, you must understand why Marula Oil is so important. Having worked for a company in the past who used this ingredient in their products, it is something I really understand and treasure.

The Marula fruit comes from a tree in South Africa. Inside this fruit there is a powerful oil that is a fast-absorbing antioxidant with amazing anti-aging benefits. It works to cure a variety of different skin problems. It works to eliminate sunburn, redness, scars, and cracks in the skin just to name a few. So, as you can see when you add it into a hand wash, naturally the outcome is a wonderful product!

The Marula Oil by itself in my opinion has a dreadful smell. However, the way Dial infused it in their hand soap smells absolutely amazing. To me it has a nice floral scent unlike any other I have previously smelled.

The Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap brings nourishment and skin hydration to your hand washing experience. By letting the smooth feel of Miracle Oil gently remove dirt from your hands, it leaves them feeling smooth and refreshed.

The Dial Hand Soap also uses Micro Oil technology to nourish and deeply hydrate your skin while protecting it from skin damaging free radicals. 

You can pick up Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap in almost anywhere hand soap is sold. It's debut was in February however, if you still have trouble finding it you can go here to contact them.

Haven't purchased Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap or love it so much you want another bottle? Enter the Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap Giveaway below! I will be giving away 2 bottles away to 2 lucky winners.

US Only. 2 Sets of Entries Per IP address. There will be 2 winners, each winner will receive a coupon for one free bottle of Dial Hand Soap. Givaway Ends 4/26/15 at 12:00:00 AM EST. Rules Subject To Change. 

What do you think about Dial Miracle Oil Hand Soap? Have you ever purchased any of Dial's hand soaps? I love hearing your questions/comments so, feel free to leave them below!

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