Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Glossybox - March 2014

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying April Fool's Day, I am still cooking up some prank's myself. What's the greatest April Fool's joke you ever played? 

Even though its the start of April, I am just now receiving my Glossybox so let's see what it has in store for us for the month of March shall we?

Alex And Ani Scent 7 Body Mist - "Scent 7 Body Mist has been created with the four elemental energies of earth, fire, and water. This enchanting fragrance radiates soft warmth that flows through the energy sources of the body, encouraging emotional balance along with a sense of ease and comfort to the body and mind." I loved that this was a full size product (worth $18!). I didn't however like the scent, I am just really picky about my body sprays. To me it has to strong of a musk scent. I have heard of people using this as a house spray which isn't such a bad idea, but instead I will be giving this as a gift so someone else can get use out of it.

Alterna Haircare Bamboo Volume Plumping Strand Expand - "A thickening lotion that strengthens, moisturizes, and adds volume to the hair from root to tip. Hair appears full-bodied and never weighed down." I for sure don't need my hair any thicker, but I do like that it adds volume and strengthens my hair. I also love the smell of it. The full size price for this product is $22.

Etre Belle Cosmetics Liplift Peel - "A gentle and moisturizing exfoliator for the lip area. It gently removes dead cells and refines the surface skin. Once a week, or as needed, massage a small amount of Liplift Exfoliator on the lip area with gentle circular motions. After a minute, remove with a dampened cotton pad." I love that they included this in the box this month (another full size product!!). Not to mention, it works really well and took dead skin off my lip I didn't even know I had! I would definitely recommend this if your looking for a good lip exfoliator. The full size price for this product is $17.80

Nails Inc Brook Street Nail Polish - "Look forward to spring? Skip ahead to warmer times by wearing this bright, summery coral. Nails inc polishes are professionally formulated for a long lasting, super glossy, flawless finish." This is a really pretty coral color, and I foresee coral being an "In" color for this spring (as well as pastels). At first I thought this was a really small sample, but its amazing how much polish is in this small bottle.The full size price for this product is $9.50

Sisley Paris Black Rose Cream Mask - "The first Sisley mask enriched with anti-aging active ingredients. A skincare mask rich is trace elements, vitamins and plant extracts, specially formulated to act instantly on the signs of aging and fatigue to rejuvenate skin and restore vitality." At first when I put this on I was a little confused, because when I think of a face mask its not usually clear like this one is. However, I really like the feel of this mask and the way it makes my skin feel clean and rejuvenated afterwards. In my opinion, its a great mask to do in the morning when you first wake up. The little sample we got if I calculated it right is worth $28, the full size price for this product is $158! A great product, but defiantly a luxury item.

Alex and Ani Charm Bangle BONUS item - Even though its not a beauty care item, this is defiantly my favorite item in the box. The value of this bracelet is $28, and it is gorgeous. I'm not sure if everyone received the same one (I think they did) but I received a beautiful swan bracelet. 

So, how did you like your box? What variation did you receive, the same or something different? If you don't subscribe do you subscribe to something similar, and why don't you subscribe? I love hearing your feedback/questions so feel free to leave them below!

If you wish to subscribe to Glossybox it cost $21 monthly, maybe cheaper depending on what discount code is running that month (so make sure you check their social pages and sign up for their emails!) Go HERE to subscribe through my link.

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