Monday, January 6, 2014

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. I know I am excited for all the new beauty products 2014 has to bring to the table, and I hope that you are too. Today, I want to talk to you about a product I was sent by a friend and I am glad that I was...

The Lip Scrub by Sara Happ! This is the box it comes in, I love how it comes in it's own box, you can really see how much thought the company put into the packaging. 

And here is the container inside of the box. The directions are as follows: "Massage a generous amount onto lips using a firm, circular motion, wipe away with a tissue, wonder how you ever lived without it." When I first read that, I was like "Wow, they are really confident in their product!" I found out though it is their motto, and after trying it I can't say I wasn't the same. Now, I wouldn't recommend wiping with a tissue, but to use some sort of cloth instead. While you can use tissue, to me it will not work as well. 

I loved how it made my lips feel silky smooth, and the fact as soon as I put it on; I took it off... yet it still worked and didn't have to settle in. One thing I was worried about (like most lip scrub's I am worried about), is the taste. No worries though! It not only smells like cocoa, its tastes of cocoa as well. Of course, I would not recommend eating it. ;) But if you are someone clumsy as I am, it happens. 

I do believe this may have been limited edition because I went to their site, and can not find this exact one. Although they do have other wonderful scents such as: peppermint, vanilla bean, brown sugar, and creme brulee. It is on the pricey side at $24, but for the amount of product you receive and the fact that so far it is the best lip scrub I have found; totally worth it in my opinion. They also have lip balm as well as body scrub which is to be next on my list if the opportunity should arise.

I also love the story behind the brand: (you can go here to read it.) Also, if you are looking to buy any of their products you can do so here:

Overall Product Score: 4.6*

Have you ever tried this product before or any lip scrubs like it? If so how did they compare to this one and/or what did you like about it? I love hearing your comments and feedback. Remember you make the blog! 

*overall rating is based on a 5 point scale based off of pigmentation, product, texture, application, and longevity

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