Thursday, December 26, 2013

Glossybox - December 2013 Reveal

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed Christmas, and got everything their heart has desired. Rather it be present's or simply seeing family members they haven't seen in a long time. Well, I wasn't expecting anymore gifts, but what do you know I received a late subscription box in the mail today....thats right its Glossybox time!

If you wish at the end of this review that you would like to subscribe to Glossybox it cost $21 month, maybe cheaper if you can find a discount code and ships once a month: Go HERE to subscribe! :)

I'm not sure if you can quite read the front of the card, but the "theme" of this box says "Happy Holidays!" 

Anatomicals - "You Need A Blooming Shower!" - Featuring a soothing mix of aloe vera and witch hazel and rose and jasmine scents, this relaxing shower gel leaves the skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. Out of all the products this was by far my favorite. I love the smell of rose and the scent was heavenly. Full size for this product is $5.50 for 10 Fl OZ, and the bottle I received was 5 Fl OZ. I actually thought this was a full size product because it is a very generous amount. I will defiantly be buying this product again in the future.

Naobay - Oxygenating Cream Moisturizing - This cream keeps the surface of your skin balanced, fresh and hydrated. With its special composition based on essential oils, such as rose-hip oil and sweet almond oil, the surface of the skin is kept balanced and fresh. This product has a very light scent to it which I particularly enjoy, and is perfect for this time of year. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I am having a serious problem with keeping my skin hydrated. So, I can't wait to be able to use every bit of this, and give you my update on it. The full size product runs $44.00 for 1.7 Fl OZ. The size they gave us was a 1.01 Fl OZ. which was also a generous amount in order to find out if the product is worth buying or not.

Michael Todd True Organics - Pumpkin Mask - The mask contains pumpkin enzyme and glycerol acid that dissolves impurities like dead skin and clogged pores, which significantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even after a single use! Not suitable for sensitive skin types. Now, don't get me wrong I love Michael Todd products, but you have to find the right one. This particular one I have used before, but I will be passing it to a friend because my skin simply can't handle it. If you are looking for that product that feels as if it is working while you use it this is the product for you, and while it does work its just too strong for me. I will say the pumpkin smells amazing though. The full size product costs $34.00 for 3.4 Fl OZ and we received a 1 Fl OZ. 

Ardency Inn - PUNKER World's Baddest Eyeliner - A rock-star liquid liner that makes it easy to draw any shape of cat eye precisely and instantly, from the most subtle to the most dramatic. I was really impressed with this eyeliner. I will be honest I hate liquid liner's, but this one on the other hand was easy to use and dried very quickly so I didn't have to worry about it getting in my eyes. It will be a wonderful touch to that perfect smokey eye. The full size product is $19.00 for .085 oz and the product they sent was 1 Fl OZ. 

NAILS INC. - Victoria Polish - Nails Inc, polishes are professionally formulated for a long lasting, super glossy, flawless finish. The deep cherry red shade is a great way to add a dash of chic to your holiday look. It was impossible for me to truly capture the beauty of this polish, but I was really impressed it was that of a Victorian almost crimson like red. Full size for this product is $9.50 for .33 OZ., and I do believe this is a full size product that we received. It is defiantly a great color for almost any season! 

Even though we didn't receive a lot of full size products like we usually do, overall I was generally impressed in the size products we received. And once again Glossybox has always given me the most bang for my buck (so to speak) besides Ipsy. How did you like your box this month, and what didn't you like about it? I love hearing your comments, so feel free to leave them below! :)

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