Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sinful Colors - Halloween Appliques

Hello Everyone! How is everyone on this delectable Thursday. If you wondering why I have been absent a little longer than usual its because this week has totally and completely slipped away from me. Not to mention I have been fighting a bug going around. Enough about me though! Who is excited for Halloween?? I know I am speaking of which I need to work on my Halloween costume soon. I plan on being Bath Puff, it should be interesting! ;) To get into the Halloween spirit, we are going to talk about a new festive Halloween nail item I found....

Sinful Colors Halloween Appliques!

They have three different one's that I know of webs, skulls, and spiders. The webs seen here, the skulls which are purple and black, and the spiders which are black with what looks like an orangish red blood dripping from them. I had already painted my toenails orange so I figure for my nails I would choose the black webs.

The Review

This took me around ten minutes to do and were very easy to apply. I like how the glue wasn't like a lot of the appliques that I have bought in the past and come off so easily. These really stick! I would however recommend you using a clear nail polish over the appliques so that way it will last longer, as well as seal the applique from chipping and coming off easier. I have had these on for about three days now, and have noticed minimal chipping. I generally have heard these last anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, just depending on how much you use your hands and what your doing. I clean houses for a living, so honestly I am surprised they are still looking like new. I got these at Walgreens for 1.99 or 2/$3, I believe is the special going on right now. It comes with 16 appliques which is great because it is pretty much guaranteed that you will find the right size for each nail, and if you mess up you have extra. The clear polish I used to seal the appliques was just a .99 cheap clear coat from the Sinful Color brand as well. The only negative thing I have to say about these appliques (but this is with ALL appliques) if you wear them a lot, over time I have noticed the glue can be bad on your nails. These appliques are defiantly a nice touch to accessorize with any Halloween costume or just day to day life, and also a nice change from ordinary finger nail polish.

Overall product Score: 4.1*

Have you ever tried appliques before? What were your favorite brands, and what good or negative experience's did you have with them? I [LOVE] hearing your feedback, so feel free to leave any comment's or questions below! :)

*overall rating is based on a 5 point scale based off of pigmentation, product, texture, application, and longevity

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