Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yuzen - February Spring 2014 Reveal/Review

Hello Everyone! I hope all of you reading this is staying safe and warm. I know I am a couple of days behind from when I usually post, but here in South Carolina we were out of power for the last 4 days! Anyways, on to some good news; I received my Spring Yuzen box today. So lets get to it!

ACURE ORGANICS Radical Resurfacing Facial Treatment 
"Helps ward off the blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, and other trouble spots that can come with age. Lemon probiotic brightens, while a proprietary organic chlorella growth factor helps smooth out skin’s texture and tone." This is one of my favorite products in the box and to me is worth the box alone. It goes under your moisturizer to smooth out your skin's texture and tone. I love the light feel of it and can't wait to see what it does for my skin over the next couple of weeks. I just started noticing aging in my skin so this is a perfect product for me. The best part about the product? It is 100% plant and plant-derived natural and organic ingredients. 

 "A buttery body balm that moisturizes skin without leaving it greasy or tacky. The invigorating scents of mandarin, lime, and orange essential oils wake up your senses, while the cocoa butter and shea butter go to work on hard-to-soften places like elbows, knees, and feet."  This is another great product for the winter even though it is the spring box, it is still very much winter here! I love that its for dry skin like myself, and the citrus smell is truly invigorating. I also can appreciate the fact that some of their profits support several nonprofit organizations.

Chocolate Cherries and Almonds Chocolate Bar 
"Has a delicious, almost addicting taste that gradually blends to create an even more complex flavor profile—you just have to experience it to understand. Made with Michigan cherries and dry-roasted almonds encased in luscious Belgian dark chocolate." Seriously, this chocolate bar lasted all of two seconds in my house. I feel like they read my mind this month because almonds in chocolate are my favorite, and even though I'm not crazy about cherries this chocolate bar combo was heaven. Aside from the wonderful flavor, there is also a poem inside every candy bar. Mine had a quote from Aristotle in it.

LOTUSWEI Infinite Love Mist 
"Magnifies your gentleness, compassion, and receptivity so that you can attract and experience unconditional love for yourself and others. Mist yourself (or your pillows, sheets, office, and car) several times a day and breathe deeply—the nurturing aroma features red roses and mandarin, infused with other essential oils and hand-collected flower essences." At first I was confused on what to do with this product, and finally settled on using it as a perfume. My husband really likes the smell, and the smell of roses is a hit with me and one of my favorite smells. I also occasionally will spray this on my pillow at night, and it helps me to relax better at night.

SRANROM The Mindful Living Candle 
"A candle hand-poured by a peaceful farming community in the heart of Thailand—it’s formulated with the soothing natural aromas to help ease your mood and balance your mind." This candle defiantly help keep the peace when we were out of power for 4 days. It lasts forever too even though its not that big of a candle, and I still have half of it left. It says it is suppose to smell of lemongrass & spearmint. I smell no spearmint but I do smell the lemongrass. Usually, I don't like the smell of lemon but this was truly refreshing.

 SRANROM Urban Wellness Calm Down Hand Cream 
"Helps you tackle stressful situations with calm confidence; it’s a refreshingly scented herbal oil blend made from lemongrass and Kaffir lime." This is another great product from the same company that makes the candle. This is a nice thick hand cream and is dead on with the scent it describes of lemongrass and lime. You wouldn't think it would be, but it has a very soothing smell which I like.

SUMBODY Bath Fizzers 
"Combine aromatherapeutic blends of flower petals and essential oils with cocoa and shea butters, cream, and goat milk to moisturize and soothe your skin, and they provide a gentle cascade of luxurious bubbles." This bath fizzer is huge! One think I can't stand is when a subscription box gives you some sort of product to go in the bath and you feel as if you are just left hanging with wanting to have had more of the product. But this product is a very nice size, and while I'm not usually into taking a lot of bath's I have a feeling I will enjoy this. I will give you a review on it soon. I received the fizzer in the scent coconut & cream. :)

SUMBODY Bath Melts 
"Are full of rich butters that moisturize you all over, plus salts, flowers, and fruits that detoxify the skin while helping you feel relaxed. Indulge in the finer things with a soak in our skin-softening, melts-in-the-bath blend of rich cocoa butter, vanilla and fresh citrus."  It says your are suppose to fill the tub with warm water, and add one or more sections depending on the desire of moisture. So, it is enough for 4 baths if you use them in the 4 sections they are cut, which is a great size product. I was looking at their website (Sumbody's Website), and they also have a stress relief bath melt that I would love to try along with a very wide range of other product's. 

Overall, Yuzen knocked it out of the park with the wide range and quality of the products. Even though I may not use all of the products they are also great gifts for any occasion. To subscribe it is $33.00 per season meaning this subscription box comes out 4 times a year. So while it is a little higher then most monthly subscription boxes, you are only receiving it 4 times a year so for someone like myself on a strict budget it is affordable. Plus look at all that you receive! If you wish to sign up for their box you can do so here: Yuzen Box

So, what did you think of this quarter's Yuzen box, have you subscribed in the past or do you subscribe now? I love to hear your questions and comments, so feel free to leave me some love under the comments section. :)

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